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Sustainable Energy Management Systems, LLC.

Innovation  in Solar Tracker Technology  

Reliability is Energy

We optimize performance and value by engineering robust reliable Solar Trackers

Innovation driven by scienitific prinicples that resulted in technology designed to ensure 25-30 years of operation.

Designed for wind load/turbulance by employment of patent patenting shock mounting technology.

Lowest operation maintenance cost of any  solar trackers on the market, accomplished by our patent pending        self-lubricating, shock-mounted drive systems

Our solar trackers provide the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy 

Our solar trackers harvest the greatest sun hours annually compared to other solar trackers on the market.

Only solar tracker manufacturer that offers different models determined by latitude.

Lowest Levelized Cost of Energy  is only possable through excellent technology and design based on sound scientific laws.

Our Advantage

We provide Solar Tracker Solutions for any Scaled Project

Sustainable Energy Management Systems is committed to the innovation and manufacturing of high-grade single axis solar tracker's, Headquatered in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we offer solutions to residential, commercial, non-profits and governments.

Residential Solar 


SEMS family of Solar Trackers is designed for residential use, producing more than 40% more energy than conventional rooftop designs and fixed tilt stationary arrays.

Commerical Solar


SEMS Solar Trackers are perfect for your commercial or industrial project.  By tracking the sun you can yield more energy  

Non-Profit & Government Solar 


SEMS Solar Trackers help communities of all sizes reduce operating costs by providing solar energy.

Sustainable Energy Management Systems, LLC.

Innovation  in Solar Tracker Technology  

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1107 Cedar Ave 

Scranton, PA 18505, United States

P: 570-507-7774


Flordia Office

8318 Grosvenor Court

University Park, Fl 34201, United States